Athens (Greece)

I went to Athens a few years ago, the buildings are amazing.

although there was a lot of graffiti in the city as you can see in one of the pictures,the graffiti was even on some monuments.

I went with my dad as we go to a European city every now and then, we stayed in a very nice hotel with a pool on the roof overlooking the acropolis.

The acropolis is great ! the view from the top is absolutely breathtaking!

We saw everything we could in the five days we were there, we got a tickets for a hop on hop off bus and managed to see everything within that time. Which i was very happy about as i love to make sure i see mostly everything when travelling.

I definitely recommend a trip to Athens even if for a few days , its worth it! as you can see đŸ™‚



Niagara Falls/Canada (Toronto)

I went to Niagara Falls whilst i was staying in Ohio for a couple of days.

It was absolutely amazing , a once in a lifetime opportunity, unless you can afford you go all the time that is!

There is so much to do , we went on a boat through the falls and got very wet!

There were many attractions such as Ripley’s believe it or not , which we did visit  and we also visited a butterfly sanctuary which was really good and has some very beautiful butterflies.

The best thing was definitely the falls at night , it is absolutely fantastic , especially from a height.



Pictures from Minerva, a small town in Ohio USA.

I went there to visit family , everything was very old school and different.

The first picture is of Minerva town, it was one long road made of red bricks.

We also went out into the country to see another side of Minerva , there was an old tobacco mill , a very old school for children and a Victorian style house.

I was very impressed by the amount of history there was in the area.